Lakshmi deviHello friends, welcome to my blog. I’m Raneesh Achari from kasaragod. Currently, I’m working as a  woodcarving worker and I have finished quite a lot of woodcarving works so far and still doing my  best. Woodcarving is a field where typically Kerala is fairly renowned. Everywhere ancient palaces  and homes have various carving work in wood which entice us with elegance and excellence in work.  When you as a Malayalee develop your dream home it is pretty natural that you could want to have  such beautiful woodcarving with conventional excellent art. Woodcarving can add elegance and  value to staircases, Doors, Charupady, wood made furnishings and even for your cabinets in Kitchen  place and bedrooms.

Wood carving is the practice of creating difficult designs in wood by hand, with the use of suitable carving tools. Wood carving may contrast from floral, traditional design to geometrical or abstract patterns. Carving wooden handicrafts is a difficult practice as great concentration needs to be paid to the minutes of points. In the last month i have successfully finished the works of Mundoll Shree Durga Parameshwari temple and it gave me some memorable experiences and great confidence since temple works needs more concentration and well alertness of each fraction with exact measurements.

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Youtube Video of making carving works in woods.

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